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Tally T2280-2T Continuous Dot Matrix Printer

p/n: 917812

Tally T2280-2T Dot Matrix printer
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High speed and rugged design for easy use and heavy-duty operation

Free 8Gb USB with the T2280-2T

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Only £1,427.99 ex VAT
£ 1,713.59 (Inc VAT)

Summary for the Tally T2280-2T Continuous Dot Matrix Printer

  • Continuous Dot Matrix Printer
  • No Duplex
  • 360 x 360 dpi Resolution
  • No tray
  • 1100 cps (max)
  • Standard/Parallel Connections
  • Windows Compatible

Incredible performance

The T2265 and T2280 models are testament to Tally’s commitment to this technology, with print speeds of up to 900cps and 1100cps respectively they are truly the leaders of the pack. This combined with a wide range of fonts and industry standard barcodes, automatic sheet feeders and additional tractors, plus network connection options to PC LAN, IBM mainframe and AS400, allows users to make full use of this most powerful range of printers in business critical printing applications.

Tally T2280-2T Essentials

DEC LA75 emulation
p/n: 048047
Just £75.00 ex vat

MT460D emulation
p/n: 048056
Just £75.00 ex vat

MT50 emulation
p/n: 048059
Just £75.00 ex vat

Standard Ethernet Cable (5 Metre)
p/n: networkcable5m
Just £11.95 ex vat

Standard Ethernet Cable (3 Metre)
p/n: networkcable
Just £8.95 ex vat

Tally T2280-2T Accessories

Cutting device (not with top ASF)
p/n: 061907
Just £1,075.00 ex vat

HostCom pocket coax SCS (matrix)
p/n: 043533
Just £389.00 ex vat

HostCom pocket twinax SCS (matrix)
p/n: 043534
Just £389.00 ex vat

Enclosed pedestal
p/n: 061910
Just £335.00 ex vat

Internal Ethernet 10/100 for T3116
p/n: 048254
Just £243.00 ex vat

Automatic sheet feeder + 2 bins (not available for T2280-2T)
p/n: 061905
Just £235.00 ex vat

Front automatic sheetfeeder
p/n: 061906
Just £170.00 ex vat

Interface-Current Loop for T3116
p/n: 047250
Just £119.00 ex vat

Interface-RS422 for T3116
p/n: 047251
Just £99.00 ex vat

Additional Push Tractors - Front T3116
p/n: 061052
Just £92.00 ex vat

Face down output tray
p/n: 061908
Just £75.00 ex vat

USB-Parallel Adapter
p/n: 043575
Just £41.00 ex vat

Serial adapter cable 9 to 25 way
p/n: RAC1286-1
Just £6.00 ex vat

Tally T2280-2T Ribbons

Fabric ribbon-red, blue, green, black (2/2/2/2 million characters)
p/n: 060100
Just £43.99 ex vat

Fabric ribbon-cyan, magenta, yellow, black (2/2/2/2 million characters)
p/n: 060098
Just £28.00 ex vat

Fabric ribbon-red, black, black, black (2/6/6/6 million characters)
p/n: 060099
Just £28.00 ex vat

FABRIC RIBBON (20000000)
p/n: 060097
Just £22.79 ex vat

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