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"Konica Minolta's award-winning printers brings fast and high-quality printing to busy office environments."
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Konica Minolta is in the business of "Imaging, From Input To Output". We focus on four core technologies: optical, nanotechnology, imaging, & materials, and we provide a variety of products and services that make a new world of imaging possible in a broad range of fields, from general consumer uses to office, medical, printing, business and the office.

Konica Minolta's laser printers satisfy diverse sophisticated needs for office printers, such as those with network support, high image quality, high speed, light weight, small footprint and low price, many of which are used in a wide range of user environments, including general offices and Small Office Home Office (SOHO). Especially noteworthy are color laser printers, which are rated highly both domestically and internationally, for having achieved fast output and high-quality prints simultaneously.

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