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Epson LQ-590 A4 Dot Matrix Printer

p/n: C11C558022A1

Epson LQ-590 Dot Matrix printer
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Improved Efficiency, Proven Reliability

Free 8Gb USB with the LQ-590

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Only £348.99 ex VAT
£ 418.79 (Inc VAT)

Summary for the Epson LQ-590 A4 Dot Matrix Printer

  • A4 Dot Matrix Printer
  • Manual Duplex
  • Standard
  • No tray
  • 529 cps (max)
  • USB/Parallel Connections
  • Windows Compatible

Improved Efficiency, Proven Reliability

Versatile Paper Handling: Multiple business applications are a breeze for the EPSON LQ-590. In addition to a high copy capability of 5 part forms, continuous paper can be inserted from the front, rear or bottom, and up to four different forms stored simultaneously (2 continuous - requires optional additional tractor unit, 2 single sheet - requires optional cut sheet feeders). The tractor unit can be used for push or pull feeding, or, with the purchase of an additional tractor unit, push and pull feeding is possible to ensure the smoothest paper feed. Even more versatility is provided with the front sheet guide and optional front paper guide for loading single sheets from the front. Other options include a high capacity 150 page cut sheet feeder, a standard capacity 50 page cut sheet feeder and a Roll Paper Holder.

Epson LQ-590 High Capacity Toners

High Capacity Cut Sheet Feeder
p/n: C12C806382
Just £136.68 ex vat

Epson LQ-590 Essentials

USB 2.0 Cable (5 Metre)
p/n: usbcable5m
Just £8.95 ex vat

USB 2.0 Cable (3 Metre)
p/n: usbcable3m
Just £5.95 ex vat

Parallel Cable
p/n: parallelcable
Just £3.95 ex vat

USB 2.0 Cable (1.8 Metre)
p/n: usbcable
Just £3.95 ex vat

Epson LQ-590 Other Consumables

Black Fabric Ribbon
p/n: C13S015337
Just £8.79 ex vat

Epson LQ-590 Accessories

Coax Internal Interface
p/n: C12C823142
Just £315.80 ex vat

Net 802.11b Wireless External Print Server (240V)
p/n: C12C823972
Just £205.10 ex vat

Net 10_100 Base Tx Internal Print Server 2
p/n: C12C823914
Just £134.10 ex vat

Paper Roll Holder
p/n: C12C811141
Just £97.60 ex vat

Bi-directional Parallel Internal Interface 32K Buffer
p/n: C12C823453
Just £77.30 ex vat

Standard Cut Sheet Feeder
p/n: C12C806372
Just £51.50 ex vat

Additional Push_Pull Tractor
p/n: C12C800202
Just £43.00 ex vat

Front Paper Guide
p/n: C12C814022
Just £10.70 ex vat

Epson LQ-590 Warranty

EPSON CoverPlus Service Option Pack - 20
p/n: ECPGRP20
Just £29.40 ex vat

Please refer to Brochure for details

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