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Secure Printing

Many companies don’t realise that each time somebody uses a printer, copier or multifunction device, you create and leave a copy of the document on an internal hard drive located within the printer itself. These images continue to remain here (if left undisturbed) for a very long time, and can even remain on the devices many years after the initial printing or scanning. Without the proper security measures in place, this valuable and often sensitive data could easily fall into the wrong hands.

Businesses are required by law to protect their customers information

It is even more essential to protect your customers’ information so you comply with government regulations like the ‘Data Protection Act’ and don’t become unwitting victims of government regulations and rules as well as leaving your company data open to prying eyes and unscrupulous characters.

Here at the Printer Experts, we put tried and tested processes in place to help with things like security protocols and security practices across the entire company, this can be applied to any department and helps ensure that data leakages and data breaches cannot happen. We will also tailor every printer and printing environment to your company’s specific needs and can implement a custom level of security throughout your organisation.

Through practices such as ‘image overwrite’ and world beating encryption algorithms, our Managed Print solution will ensure that all company information is transmitted and stored securely across the entire printer fleet, printer environment and infrastructure.

Our professional ‘Print Environment Consultants’ will examine and assess your company’s print devices and environment, document security and will highlight areas of satisfaction, improvement, cost reduction and security vulnerability. Then after analysing, highlighting and detailing every possible cost reduction, efficiency improvements and security risks, our consults will provide you with a detailed and custom plan of action and will help you and your company to implement it.

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