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Want to Reduce Print Cost?

Our managed print solutions are guaranteed to cut costs and dramatically improve staff productivity

Here at the Print Experts, we combine the right technology, the right expertise and the right people to deliver the managed print solution to help your company operate with flexibility, efficiency and a vastly cost reduced printing environment. Our managed print solutions are guaranteed to cut costs and dramatically improve staff productivity, starting immediately and running into the long term – we will always be there, even as your company grows and changes.

Give the printer experts a ring and start saving today!

Through one of our managed print solutions, our clients will gain clear visibility and we will provide them with full control over printing costs. This in turn helps free up company revenue and staff, enabling them to embark on projects and endeavours that improves company efficiency and helps to drive a competitive lead.

Annual printing costs for a company of approximately 200 employees are on average about £61,000 a year and for even larger companies will run into the millions of pounds. One company with 750 employees, on closer inspection discovered that their printing costs exceeded £430,000 a year. The printer fleet used more than 33,000 KWh of energy and generated more than 80 tonnes of carbon emissions in just a single year.

On average a medium – large sized company will save over £600,000 a year, reduce carbon emissions by around 60% – 80% and free up to 10% of their IT staff

Huge savings can also be immediately met by smaller companies and larger companies alike. By out sourcing the entire ‘document printing’ process, including device management, document workflow strategy and support and training services, companies of all sizes are seeing huge cost saving, efficiency advantages and environmental benefits from implementing one of our Managed Print Solution services.

Our managed print solutions are about enhancing the business processes by engaging with document workflow and document management solutions.

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