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Laser Printers And Copiers On Managed Print

The main benefit of a Laser printer is high speed and quality of output, typically Laser printers can hit speeds of up to around 40ppm a minute whilst retaining a very high quality output resolution. Due to this ability to output prints so quickly and in very high volumes, Laser printers are extremely efficient and cost effective. This reduced printing cost makes them a perfect fit for Small – Medium Enterprises, as well as for larger companies and corporations.

If you’re thinking about printer upgrades than a Laser Printer provides the perfect environment. Most Laser printers can easily be fitted with an added ‘Duplex Unit’ which will allow for automatic double sided printing without the need for the user to intervene. Due to very high printing speeds, laser printers will significantly reduce any costs associated with printing in this manner, far more so than Inkjet printers. Discover our full range of Mono Laser printers here. And discover our A3 printers and our A3 printers too.

For the more demanding enterprises and users, a managed print service can be supplied to a business. A managed print solution will help to significantly reduce costs by way of providing a fixed cost per print plan. So start saving today by arranging a free printer audit with one of our managed print experts on 020 7378 4729.

Multifunction Printers

Managed Print

  A Laser managed print solution can help cut carbon   emissions by up to 60%.

Managed Print

  Free up to 10% of IT staff who were previously devoted to   supporting your printer fleet.

Managed Print

  • Vendor returns service call in 2 hours.
  • Next day service response time.
           • 24x7 customer service line.
           • Device installation, Help desk services & End user training.

The savings were immediate, we've cut our printing costs in half and massivley cut down on waste.

And now because maintenence and servicing is taken care of for us and out of our hands, we've managed to achive a 98% uptime in our printer fleet!
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