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Environmentally Conscious Printing

Reduce your carbon footprint with printers that can reduce waste by up to 90%

From small companies with only a handful of employees all the way to huge multinational corporations, firms of any size are already seeing substantial benefits due to the implementation of a Managed Print Solution. By allowing us to take care of the document production and maintenance processes, document workflow strategies and support services, our clients are achieving significant reductions in printing costs, enhancing staff workflow as well as realizing important environmental benefits.

Whilst examining your company print environment and infrastructure, we will recommend small and subtle changes that will immediately make a big difference in sustainability. We will customise your solution and take on each situation with an environmentally minded approach. From devices that automatically power up and down (reducing energy output) based on the usage patterns of your teams, all the way down to two-sided printing devices that will help your company to save paper and further reduce your carbon footprint.

By offering tools like assessments and a Sustainability Calculator, we will measure your environmental impact, set goals we believe you can achieve and put you on a path toward environment consideration.

So if your company or enterprise is looking to drastically cut carbon emissions and significantly reduce the amount they spend on paper and toners, turn to one of our Managed Print solutions to achieve these aims today!

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