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Colour Matching, for colour laser printers

This service is available for any colour laser printer new or already installed.

Colour Laser Printers understands it's clients requirements for very accurate colour printing. Colour is our companies heritage, and we are renowned as being the UK's leading colour experts.

Eight IT industry manufacturers whose aim was to create a standard for transferring colour information digitally and independently of device and manufacturer, established the International Colour Consortium or ICC in 1993. They created a file type called an ICC profile that lets users and devices recreate colour as it was first created.

You will have seen many examples of an image on a screen being sent to another device such as a desktop printer, a second monitor or a printing press with the results looking very different to each other. This is what ICC profiles prevent from happening.

The ICC profile describes the range of colours that a particular device can produce and tells your software how to create them.

Any device that uses colour; monitors, scanners, printers, proofers, image setters, digital cameras, printing presses and numerous other devices.

After discussing your needs thoroughly we will come to your studio or production site and work with you and your creative staff to set the colour matching solution that best fits your needs.

Normally one day but for larger studios or more complex production processes it might take longer. This will be agreed before we arrive on site.

You will have the colour matching solution that your business requires, which will reduce your production time and costs and give you in-house colour output suitable for even the most demanding clients and publications.

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