Dell 1350cnw Printer – Review

Dell 1350cnw







The Dell 1350cnw is the world’s smallest A4 laser class network printer.  The dimensions of the 1350 are 394mm x 300mm x 225mm (W x D x H) which takes up less space than a lot of inkjet printers.  Also with a weight of only 23 pounds it means that most people can move the printer on their own.

The Dell 1350cnw also uses LED technology which uses LEDs to draw the page image onto the print drum.  The advantages of this technology are the low energy usage and lower manufacturing costs, perfect for the more green conscious offices.

Here at Printer Experts we found the wireless set up of this printer fairly simple and straight forward unlike some other wireless capable printers, where wireless set up can require more in depth knowledge of your network. The 1350cnw also has optional USB and Ethernet connections.

For a printer of this price we found the speed tests to be very good.  The 1350cnw printed our 20 page text document in a very reasonable minute and a half.  However these print speeds improved dramatically once we had optimised the printer for monochrome printing, with the same 20 page document coming in at well under the minute mark.  The 1350cnw also had very similar results when we tested colour graphics.

The print quality was something that also exceeded our expectations.  We found the text to be very crisp and precise with the colour images looking vibrant and realistic.

Overall, the Dell 1350cnw is a small and tidy colour laser that prints good looking documents.  If you need a fairly heavy duty personal printer or a shared printer for a small office then the Dell 1350cnw is definitely one of the best printers for the job.

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