Printer Manufacturer Launch Japan’s Largest Solar Panel Plant

Kyocera Solar Power Plant in Japan Kyocera Solar Power Plant in Japan
Images courtesy of Kyocera

You could be mistaken for thinking the images above were taken from a Sci-fi or even a James Bond movie but in fact they are photos of Japan’s latest solar panel power plant. On the 5th November this year electronics corporation and printer manufacturer Kyocera announced the opening of Japan’s largest solar power plant to date.

Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant went online on 1st November and is surrounded by some stunning scenery and overlooks Sakurajima volcano. The plant will power around 22,000 Japanese homes. This large scale investment highlights the nation’s desire for cleaner and safer energy resources.

It might be a surprise to us in the UK to see a printer manufacturer involved in a project like this but there will be many who welcome this forward thinking investment and hope to see similar trends on a global scale from other electronics based companies.

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