The A3 Graphics Printer from Xerox that sets the bar

The Xerox Phaser 7800 is an A3 Graphics printer that packs a punch.

xerox phaser 7800 a3 graphics printer

We deal with a lot of graphics, design and arts based businesses. We help them find to find the highest quality printer solutions with the most economical running costs and the Phaser 7800 continues to be a very popular model with many of them!

So why is the Xerox Phaser 7800 series so popular?

Well the first point, which is the one of the highest on any creative based company, is quality. With 1200×2400 dpi the 7800 can deliver A3 prints of the highest quality, rendering crystal clear detail for both type and vector printouts. Precise colour accuracy is also delivered time after time when using PhaserMeter calibration. Everyone we demo the Xerox Phaser 7800 to has always been blown away by the quality and accuracy of this printer but the benefits of this machine don’t stop there.

All Xerox laser printers use their own award winning ink technology, known as “Solid Ink”. This is the technology that is responsible for delivering high quality and accurate printouts but is printing it with up to 90% less print waste than other comparable laser printers. This means that any office or business using Xerox printers gets extremely low cost of ownership.

Why wouldn’t you buy a Phaser 7800?

With extremely high standards on printouts and really low running costs you might wonder why anyone would go with any other printer? And you would be right, to many of our customers the Xerox 7800 printer series is a "no brainer" but like most things in life, nothing is straight forward and the 7800 has it’s own issues too.

Anyone who’s done their homework will have seen the reports of usability problems and bugs in the software that runs this exceptional printer. These are important aspects to consider when looking for a print solution.

At Printer Experts we help match the right print service with the right company and this is based on an individual and thorough assessment. Sometimes we have found it is better for companies to go with a different A3 graphics printer solution. Printers like the Oki ES9541 which is arguably as economical to run and delivers equal print quality but provides a more user friendly operation.

So how do I know which A3 Graphics printer is right for my business

Well that’s the easy bit. Our advisers are trained to provide unbiased recommendations that will be the most suitable to you and your organisation. You can use their experience and knowledge as well as view live demonstrations and compare different solutions.

Every business is different and has different needs. Choosing the right printer for your business can really mean the difference of thousands of pounds year on year, so talk to one of our printer advisers today on 0207 378 4729 and make the right decision for your company.

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