How to Reduce Printing Costs

reduce printing costs

Printer Experts have been helping customers find the right printer for nearly two decades. Over this time we’ve seen a lot of changes and advances in printer manufacturing.

Despite so much change, there are a number of questions we’re consistently asked and have been from day one: “How can we reduce our printing costs?”  is, without doubt the most commonly asked question!

We spoke to some of the team’s most experienced printer advisors to help put to paper some of the best ways on how to reduce printing costs. We’ve taken one piece of advice from 5 different advisors:

1. Joe: Do your Home Work

Using the word ‘Home Work’ is probably going to make my tip the most unpopular yet it’s probably the most important. Before you skip over this point I urge you to read on, because I’m not talking about researching every printer on the market. No, this homework is much simpler.As highlighted in the previous Printer Experts post: Laser Printers VS Inkjet; understanding your printer needs and requirements is key to minimising printing costs.  Knowing how much you print and what kind of documents you predominantly run through your printer is key to finding the most economical printer solution.Once you understand what you want from your printer, you can relay this to our staff and they will recommend the most cost effective device for your requirement.

Joe, Printer Advisor

2. Shaileigh: Minimise Staff Wastage

Obviously this is easier said than done but with the right printer along with good communication with staff,  you can dramatically reduce printing costs and wastage.For example a printer with Secure or Pull Printing capabilities will significantly  reduce wasteful printing. It’s estimated that 10 to 35 percent of total pages printed are never even collected from the printer!  That’s a lot of waste! Secure and Pull printing features on your printer will help eliminate irresponsible printing behaviour.
Shaileigh, Printer Advisor

3. Pawel: Reduce Paper Usage

It sounds simple and it is. Paper is a significant part of your overall printing costs. Printing with a duplex printer onto both sides of the paper instantly halves your paper usage.

Pawel, Printer Advisor

4. Emma: Get High!

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to climb a mountain or partake in any illegal activities. I recommend getting a printer that can load high capacity or high yield toners. While High Cap toners are initially more expensive they can reduce a printer’s ‘cost per print’ by up to 50%!

Emma, Printer Advisor

5. James: Get a Grip with Managed Print

Managed Print is one of the fastest growing printer solutions in the UK.  Businesses, education establishments and other public sector organisations are  all starting to recognise the benefits that come with managed print.

With this solution you are guaranteed the lowest cost per print and the best print environment for your needs.  With TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) leading the design model, the aim is reduce costs significantly whilst improving and streamlining print workflow. The fixed cost per print includes all toners, supplies and service.

The fixed price agreed is based on an assessment of your printing requirements and for most businesses and organisations it is the most dramatic way to reduce printing costs.

James, Managed Print Services

For more information on reducing your printing costs with managed print solutions visit

If you require assistance in finding a printer that will offer the best savings on printer running costs get in touch and a Printer Experts Advisor will be happy to take up the challenge!

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