The A3 Graphics Printer from Xerox that sets the bar

The Xerox Phaser 7800 is an A3 Graphics printer that packs a punch.

xerox phaser 7800 a3 graphics printer

We deal with a lot of graphics, design and arts based businesses. We help them find to find the highest quality printer solutions with the most economical running costs and the Phaser 7800 continues to be a very popular model with many of them! Continue reading

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Do You Know how much energy your printer uses?

There’s so many things to consider when choosing a printer for your business! There’s the initial cost, the ink costs, how many prints per minute, warmup time… the list of things to research is endless! I wonder how many companies include the energy costs involved with running the printer when conducting their research?

Most people (understandably) believe that all printers run on similar level of power and incur the same energy costs as any other printer. However Epson with a little help from Manchester United and some energetic school children, have worked together to demonstrate just how varied the energy different printers use is…

If you need help choosing the right laser printer for your business then why not call 0207 378 4729 and speak to one of our advisers at Printer Experts

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Replace Expensive Ink or Just Buy a New Printer?

With the ever escalating price of printer ink, and the decreasing price of printers, you can now buy a printer for the same price as the ink. To prevent anyone doing so however, some printer companies have replaced the full set of ink included in previous times and compensated with ‘starter packs’ containing miniscule amounts of ink, forcing the user to buy a new pack after printing a few pages.

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When Printer Problems become too much…

animation of printer problems

OK, so you may not have gone quite as far as these three guys have, but I think anyone who has had printer difficulties in the past can sympathise with the reaction depicted in the animation above!

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3D Printing for better, for worse?

3d printer
Image courtesy of BBC news

With 3D printers now firmly established in the printer industry, we are only just starting to see the implications that these revolutionary advancements can and do have.
There have been more and more reports in the media of new ways in which 3D printers can be used. Just recently in Manchester, a man was arrested for owning what is thought to be parts of a 3D printed gun. There is a debate as to whether if the parts printed were intended for a gun, and if the said items were assembled to make a gun, whether it would actually work. However there has been a gun which was printed using a 3D printer and successfully fired in the US back in May 2013. This example highlights just one of the fears people have on the development of 3D printing. Often it is cases like this that grab the attention of the press and media rather than the many benefits and potential that can benefit from 3D printing

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Printer Manufacturer Launch Japan’s Largest Solar Panel Plant

Kyocera Solar Power Plant in Japan Kyocera Solar Power Plant in Japan
Images courtesy of Kyocera

You could be mistaken for thinking the images above were taken from a Sci-fi or even a James Bond movie but in fact they are photos of Japan’s latest solar panel power plant. On the 5th November this year electronics corporation and printer manufacturer Kyocera announced the opening of Japan’s largest solar power plant to date.

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The NEW Printer from Oki that’s Turning Heads

The Printer Experts team are excited to introduce the New Oki ES9541, industry’s First on demand white and clear gloss A3 graphics printer.

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How to Reduce Printing Costs

reduce printing costs

Printer Experts have been helping customers find the right printer for nearly two decades. Over this time we’ve seen a lot of changes and advances in printer manufacturing.

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What’s best for your business? Inkjet or Laser Printers

Laser printers versus inkjet printers
With the diverse range of printers readily available for offices and businesses, it’s a challenge deciphering which one you actually need. There are two main printer categories that people tend to choose between: laser and inkjet.

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[Help Desk]: Printer and Mouse Issues

This ‘Printer Problem’ from one of our customer’s got some smiles in the Printer Experts office earlier today!

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